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IIT scientific activity is based on a 6-year strategic plan. The Strategic Plan is periodically updated under the supervision of the Scientific Technical Committee (STC). The present Strategic Plan (2018-2023) consists of four Research Domains. Each Domain contains several research lines that are coordinated by fully independent Principal Investigators (PIs). 

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IIT facilities contribute to the development of the  Strategic Plan. High-qualified facility staff provides scientific and technical assistance for basic and applied research, relying on state-of-art equipment. Each facility offers researchers and students an extensive range of services from essential routine to more advanced  technical and consulting services.

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Scientific Seminars

Scientific Seminars

STC Seminars

Scientific Technical Committee's Seminars

A collection of scientific talks held by the members of our Scientific Technical Committee (STC)

Population-wide tracking of SARS-CoV2 seroprevalence: the Zurich experience - Adriano Aguzzi
The Magic of X-rays:A Simple Picture of Synchrotrons and Free Electron Lasers - Giorgio Margaritondo
Cortico-subcortico-cortical circuitry and the timinig of sensorimotor behavior - Sonja Kotz
Engineering humanoids with motion intelligence - Tamim Asfour
The many facets of light activated matter: from energy sustainability to quantum information science - Giulia Galli
Machine Learning Based Ab-initio Molecular Dynamics - Roberto Car