Welcome to the new Ph.D. students!


Stefano Centenaro, Neva M. E. Stucchi and Paolo Guzzonato join the Characterization and Protection of Cultural Heritage Materials research group, following the start of a new PhD programme cycle!

Stefano got his Master’s Degree in Materials Engineering at Università di Padova with a thesis on the development of 3D scaffolds mimicking myxoid stroma tumor for testing electrochemotherapy treatments and novel chemotherapy drugs against human breast adenocarcinoma. After, he won a 1-year research grant and acted as research fellow at Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, studying the chemistry and physics of the Murano’s artistic glass in order to find new strategies for the reuse of artistic glass waste. At our Center, he will work on the artificial simulation of glass degradation phenomena and on the development of protective strategies for the preservation of ancient vitreous materials.

Neva completed her Master’s degree in Conservation Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage at Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia in 2021. Her research thesis aimed to the development and application of silica nanoparticles based consolidants for the conservation of sandstones and concretes. At the CCHT, she will work on synthesis and application of compounds for the conservation of Mosaic tesserae.

Paolo has a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Chemistry and Technologies and he is interested in the development of bio-based smart materials from waste biomass. He addressed this topic in his thesis, focusing mainly on the study of fractionation processes for the valorization of technical lignin. At the CCHT, he will work on the characterization, digitization and protection of ancient manuscripts.

A big welcome to our new colleagues at CCHT!

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