SAVE THE DATE: The secrets of glass in the Venetian lands


The date of the public conference "The secrets of glass in the Venetian lands: tales of history and science"  organised by the IIT Centre for Cultural Heritage Technology in collaboration with the Scientific Areas Library (BAS) and the Department of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems (DSMN) of Ca' Foscari University has been announced today. The event, part of the International Glass Week 2019 and under the patronage of the Italian National A.I.H.V. Committee will be held on Tuesday 10 September 2019 at the Auditorium of the Scientific Campus of Ca' Foscari, in Via Torino 155 (Venice Mestre). Open to general audience, the conference will consist of a series of dialogues between experts on history and science of glass, and will focus on the technology of glass production in antiquity, its conservation and the way in which it is musealised.

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