The CCHT under the TV and Newspapers spotlight


Last week, the Center for Cultural Heritage Technology have had the pleasure to welcome the RAI (the national public broadcasting company of Italy) crew to record a Futuro 24 episode titled “New technologies for cultural heritage”. Futuro24 is a dissemination format of RaiNews24, the all-news channel of RAI, and focuses on exploring and narrating ongoing frontier research in Italy. 

Through the narration of Andrea Bettini, our researchers had the chance to showcase their current projects both from our venue in Mestre and from the magnificent Museo Correr of Venice, where our Material Science group was doing in-situ data acquisition. 

The CCHT is very grateful to Futuro24 team and Rai for this opportunity!

You can access the episode at the following link (italian only):  
Futuro24 – Nuove tecnologie per i beni culturali 

RAI Futura24 2     RAI Futura24 3

This is just the last of a vast media coverage on our center after the start of the Cultural Landscapes Scanner (CLS) project in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA). 

Here you can find a selection of the main interviews featured on some of the most important newspapers, webzines and radios nationwide: 


Corriere della sera 


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