Internal Seminar: Dr. Victor Gonzalez, Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam)


Victor Gonzalez, Postdoctoral Researcher of the Rijksmuseum Science Department (Amsterdam), presents today his recent research aims at a better understanding of the ancient synthesis processes of historical pictorial matter, and of the potential degradation mechanisms affecting it within artworks. His communication illustrates the complementarity of chemical data collected at the micro and macro-scales. He highlights structural imaging results obtained via Synchrotron radiation, with special focus on the in-situ formation of crystalline compounds within micrometric paint stratigraphies of Rembrandt’s artworks. He presents further the recent instrumental developments implemented at the Rijksmuseum (Hyperspectral imaging and macro-XRF/XRD) for  chemical imaging of Dutch Golden Age artworks, and the analytical campaign performed on the Woman with a pearl (Vermeer, c. 1665) and the on-going research project carried out on Rembrandt’s Nightwatch (1642). We are pleased to have Dr. Victor Gonzalez with us today!

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