Dr. Artesani and Dr. Ljubenovic participated at the Virtual SPIE O3A Conference


Dr. Alessia Artesani and Dr. Marina Ljubenovic partecipated as speaker at the SPIE O3A Conference.

During the live sessions of the virtual conferences, Alessia discussed the results of Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy (THz-TDS) imaging carried out on cultural heritage assets. Hyperspectral THz images are corrupted by several degradation effects and their processing pose therefore major challenges. In this work, the limits of THz-TDS are addressed by a twofold computational strategy: (i) removal of the surface warping and (ii) application of a fast joint deblurring-denoising approach for image restoration. The reduction of the main degradation effects is illustrated with the aid of experiments conducted on ancient silver coin and a contemporary painting, highlighting the advantages for cultural heritage applications of imaging spectroscopy in the far-infrared frequencies.

Marina introduced a novel fast hyperspectral image deblurring and denoising approach tailored to archaeological applications of remote sensing. Hyperspectral data (recorded by means of airborne or satelliteborne sensors and used to detect buried archaeological deposits) often lack in spatial resolution and contains blurring degradation and noise. The methodology here presented is based on the low-rank properties of hyperspectral images and exploits a sparse data representation linked with the self-similarity characteristics of image patches. As a result, noise belonging to different spectral regions is removed and the spatial resolution of bands increased, thus significantly improving the possibility of detection of yet-unknown buried archaeological sites

Check out the registered presentations and the conference proceeding at: 

"Processing and analysis of THz time-domain spectroscopy imaging applied to cultural heritage"

"Improved detection of buried archaeological sites by fast hyperspectral image deblurring and denoising"

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