borsa chem2022

Science and protective coatings for Roman Frescoes


The Center for Cultural Heritage Technology is funding one scholarship linked to a Ph.D. position available at the joint PhD Program in Chemistry of the Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia and Università degli Studi di Trieste.

The scholarship is dedicated to the study of innovative conservation methods for roman frescoes, based on hybrid bio-based systems.

The doctoral student will support the research already underway at the Center for Cultural Heritage Technology, and based on the diagnostics results already available, it will initially dealing with understanding the main degradation mechanisms involved in the alteration of the multiple pictorial strata, from pigments to plaster. The candidate will then deal with formulating and developing suitable conservation products (coatings and consolidants) based on hybrid organic-inorganic formulations and the use of bio-derived materials. The properties of the treatments tested on replica materials will be evaluated for application for conservation purposes on real archaeological materials. A special focus will be on evaluating the toxicity to the operator and the environment, in order to ease its use on frescoes in situ in real context.


The research will be undertaken within CCHT facilities, in strict collaboration with CCHT experts in Cultural Heritage, Conservation Science and Materials Science and under the supervision of University of Venice researchers. The fellowship includes stipend, travel allowance for conferences and training, and secondments in other universities and research centers abroad.


Applicants are required to contact the CCHT in advance to define the specific topic of research.

The official call is available at this link: PHD degree (English version) | Dottorato di Ricerca (Italian version).

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions:

Deadline for application: 27nd June 2022