Our objectives



The methodologies applied in these fields are variously declined to pursue the following main goals:

* Enhancing the material characterisation & preservation of cultural heritage

* Promoting the dissemination and accessibility of cultural heritage through 3D digitisation

* Facilitating the cataloguing, readability and transcription of ancient documents

* Identifying through satellite images cultural assets to be protected

* Fighting crimes against cultural heritage



  • UR5e and UR3e Robot Arms: flexible collaborative table-top robot arms equipped with intuitive programming for tackling medium-duty applications.
  • 2 Fujinon high-resolution lenses: provide support for up to 5-megapixel camera, engineered for computer vision applications.
  • Computational resources
    2 Workstation BOXX: Dual Intel Xeon SP Gold 5122 3.6Ghz; 128GB DDR4; 4 GPU NVIDIA RTX2080Ti.
    5 Desktop Dell Aurora: with i9 octa-core; 32GB DDR4; 1 GPU NVDIA GTX1080Ti.
  • Software resources
    Envi software: image analysis software with the additional Deep Learning module.
    ArcGIS software: the software provides an infrastructure for making maps and geographic information.
  • Optical Microscope (Olympus): the microscope mounts a Cool LED lamp connected to a control pod for adjusting the colour channel status and intensity. The microscope is coupled to a digital CCD camera (Olympus LC30) for image acquisition through the CellSens software.
  • Stereoscopic Zoom Microscope (Nikon): the stereoscope mounts a fibre-guided halogen lamp and backwards illumination. The microscope is coupled to a digital CCD camera for image acquisition through the X-Entry software.
  • Chroma Meter (Konica): spectrophotometer for measuring the colour coordinates, supported by the SpectraMagic NX software.
  • Hyperspectral camera (HERA, Nireos): portable camera for reflectance imaging spectroscopy (400-1100 nm) complemented with two LED lamps (5600K) and Halogen lamps.
  • Electrochemical workstation (CHI660E): potentiostat and galvanostat instrument for the analysis of corrosion, impedance measurements and diagnostic.
  • 2 fully furnished chemical labs 
  • Ageing chambers: one bench-top clime chamber with temperature and humidity controller; one weathering chamber with Xenon lamp, water spray and temperature measurement.
  • Dip coater: automatic systems for deposition of polymeric films. 
  • Spray coater: automatic systems for deposition of nanoparticles.